Dinning room


The school dining room is a complementary service of an educational nature, provided by the Administration, whose objective is to provide a service to the families of the Center that, for various reasons, need it and, besides covering the nutritional aspect, enables the acquisition of personal and social habits of the student.

The School Board annually studies the change or continuity of the dining company among those approved by the Community of Madrid. At present the dining company is ARAMARK.

The food is prepared daily in the center. The price of the service is marked by the Administration (see prices)

This course consists of a cook, a kitchen assistant, both full-time, three part-time kitchen-eating cleaning aids, and a kitchen-dining cleaner that reinforces the time zone dinning room.

According to the ratio and age of our students this course we have 19 monitors and a dining coordinator.

Currently our center has two dining rooms:

• Small dining room (with a capacity for 150 people): used by the children’s Ed.

• Large dining room (with a capacity of 150 people): used by all Primary Ed students (in two shifts).


Prices Dining Room 2016/2017

Fixed diners

The price of food for this course will be € 4.88 per day. The billing will be made in eight monthly installments of equal amount from October to May (178 days). The calculation is done as follows:

  • The monthly fee results from multiplying the number of dining days by the menu price (€ 4.88), divided into eight monthly installments (October to May)
  • The receipts will be turned in the first days of each month. In the event of returns, bank charges will be charged to the user who causes them.

Menu price per day: 4,88 €

Price of dining vouchers: € 5.88

1 student: 108,60€/mes. 2 brothers: 217.20 € / month. 3 brothers: 325,80 € / month. 4 brothers: 434,40 € / month (Dining days 178)

1 student: 88,50 € / month. 2 brothers: 177 € / month. 3 brothers: € 265.50 / month. 4 brothers: € 354 / month (Dining days: 145)

1 student: 98,50 € / month. 2 brothers: 197 € / month. 3 brothers: € 295.50 / month. (Dining Days 161)

Eventual dinners
Students who need the dining service sporadically the price of the meal / day is 5.88 € and will be made by buying vouchers following the following procedure:

  • Enter the corresponding amount into the account of the College of Bankia. Account number :
    ES96 2038 1887 83 6000007086.
  • Deliver a copy of the receipt, with the name of the student, in the Secretariat in the opening hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
  • When the student goes to make use of the dining room, you must bring the filled voucher with your name and date and deliver it to the Concierge upon entering.
  • The vouchers only have validity in the course in which they are acquired
According to regulations, justified absence of a guest for a period of more than seven consecutive school days will proceed to the refund of 50% of the amount prior written notice to the Secretariat, adjusting in the last monthly payment.

Normativa sobre comedores escolares

  • Order 2585/2014 of August 12, establishing the price of the school menu to be applied during the 2014-2015 academic year in non-university public teaching centers in the Community of Madrid.
  • Circular of the Directorate General of Teaching Centers on the operation of the School Lunch Service for the 2008/09 academic year. (Available in secretariat of the center)
  • Order 917/2002, of March 14, of the Ministry of Education (B.o.C. of April 2)
  • Order 3028/2005 of 3 June, partially amending order 917/2002 (B.o.C.M of June 16)
  • Order 4212/2006 of 26 July, partially amending Order 917/2002 (B.o.C.M of 17 August)
  • Instructions of the General Direction of Teaching Centers on the use of school canteens by allergic students. (Available at the center’s secretariat)