• The English language becomes a vehicle of communication, content, feelings, needs, etc.
  • Language acquisition occurs naturally.
  • Dynamic activities that help to stimulate interest in the language.
  • We work with real-life elements that represent something important and meaningful to the student.

Class Distribution

  • Arranged with the aim of promoting group work and decorated with children’s work to encourage their motivation.


  • 1/3 of the teaching time in Primary Education is in English:

  • 5 weekly sessions of Foreign Language.
  • 2 weekly sessions of Nature Science.
  • 2 weekly sessions of Social Science.
  • 1 weekly session of Art.
  • 2 weekly sessions of Physical Education, for 1st and 2nd
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  • Although the Bilingual Program officially begins in Primary Education, the following sessions of English Language are taught in Preschool:

  • 3 thirty minute periods with 3 year olds.
  • 3 forty-five minute periods in 4 year olds.
  • 4 forty-five minute periods in 5 year olds.
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    Native Language Assistants

    • Our school has the help of four native speaking assistants.
    • They assist English teachers in primary education as well as two sessions in preschool.
    • They create a “bilingual environment” and facilitate the normality of speaking a second language throughout the school.
    • Encourage the knowledge of other customs, cultures and holidays.

    External Exams

    • 6th Grade: Cambridge KET / PET