With the aim of promoting environmental awareness and recycling habits from an early age, our school this year has joined the network of Schools “EducaEnEco”, with the help of “Ecoembes”. This project is divided into four phases:

  • Personalized diagnosis of the school and its resources to carry out recycling in an effective way.
  • Supply of yellow and blue litter bins, as well as posters explaining the activity.
  • Training activities for students, teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • Follow-up and accompaniment during the course to solve doubts that arise.

In our school, we also wanted to promote interaction between students, targeting specific training to the highest groups and instruct them to raise awareness and supervise the youngest students through Recycling Patrols, which will take place during recess.

We are sure that in a very short time, our school will be a more respectful place with regards to the environment!

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To read is to live, to feel new experiences, to discover distant worlds, to be heroines, discoverers, adventurers, poets and travelers, is to fly with the imagination to where you have always wanted to go. To read is to live moments, to share with others, it is to be here and there at the same time, it is to feel unique and chosen, it is to be always accompanied.

Reading is living and much more!

Library Schedule


Within the development of the “READER PLAN” that contemplates many other points of learning, consolidation and stimulation of the reading, we have obtained a “Plan of Improvement” from City Hall with use of their Library.

 For this we have a reprehensive, a few hours a week. This allows us to keep the library open 3 days a week during dining hours. At these times, each course may read using the loan service, which a card has been made.

First Turn
Second Turn

The schedule is flexible and can adapt to those who are at the dining room.

With this and all other activities: classroom libraries, reading animation, meetings with author, storytelling etc …

We intend to make your children good readers, because we are sure that in addition to facilitating their learning, it enriches their personally.

But all our efforts will be of little use without your collaboration.

How can you help us?


  • With the above schedule, you already know what day your child’s loan day is.
    Help them to be responsible and make sure they return the book in due time.
    (You can extend for 15 days)
  • Read with your child:
    (According to age) Have 20 quiet minutes at the end of the day, before bed, to read with them. (Books that interesting to you) This in addition to encouraging reading, it relaxes them, helps them to fall asleep and fosters good parent-child relationship.
  • Encourage your child to read.
    Try to get them to take 20 quiet minutes at the end of the day, before bed, to read. This in addition to encouraging reading, it relaxes them and helps them to fall asleep.

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